STREAMLINE Utility Bench

STREAMLINE Utility Bench

Workbench F.I.D. Bench

The Powertec Workbench Utility Bench is a highly versatile Flat-Incline-Decline bench that can be used alone or attached to our Power Rack, Half Rack or Roller Smith. This fully adjustable Flat-Incline-Decline bench’s entire seat assembly slides on its sealed ball bearing carriage. The bench comes standard with an attachment adaptor that can be fitted with a variety of Powertec attachments that can transform it into a standalone workout station.
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Expandable with Accessories:

The Utility Bench includes the front tube adaptor that accepts all Powertec Attachments. This bench can be used as an optional attachment to the Power Rack, Half Rack or Roller Smith multiple added exercises.

Fully Adjustable:

This bench can be adjusted from a x degree upright position to 15 degree decline position . The entire seat assembly can slide along the frame allowing the user to find the perfect fit.

More Information
Model No WB-UB16
Accessorize Yes
Isolateral Function No
Dimension 52" x 26.7" x 47"
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Equipment/Exercise Matrix

Flat Bench Press

Incline Bench Press

Decline Bench Press

Bench Shoulder Press

Optional Accessories / Additional Exercises

Pec/Fly Accessory

Pec Fly

Leg Press Accessory

Leg Press

Calf Raise

Leg Lift Accessory

Left Lift

Hamstring Curl

Lat Tower Accessory

Wide Grip Row

Low Cable Row

Overhand Pulldown

Underhand Pulldown

Close Grip Pulldown

Wide Grip Pulldown

Overhand Pushdown

Underhand Pushdown

Single Triceps Kickback

Front Lateral Raise

High Cable Bicep Curl

Low Cable Bicep Curl

One Arm Row

Dip Machine Accessory

Triceps pushdown

Curl Machine Accessory

Bicep curl

Row pull