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The Powertec Workbench LeverGym™ is one of the most functional single station home lever gym systems ever created. The heavy duty isolateral lever arms can safely hold up to 500 lbs., while the workbench can be detached for power lifting access. The list of exercises is almost endless, especially with the wide variety of accessories that can be attached to the workbench.
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The Leverage Advantage:

Weight plates are loaded directly onto the Isolateral Lever Arms providing for a natural feel and the resistance of free weights with the safety and control of a machine.

Power Lifting Access:

The utility bench can be detached from the Levergym to access additional exercises such as Squat, Calf, Dip, and Shrug using the arms and Low-row using the lower cable access.

Fully Adjustable Bench Design:

The Workbench new design provides additional stability and allows users to adjust the seating area and Back Rest Pads at different settings with ease thanks to its unique Ball Bearing Driven Carriage.

Expandable with Accessories:

The bench includes the front tube adaptor that accepts all Powertec Workbench Accessories.

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Model NoWB-LS16
Isolateral FunctionYes
Dimension (L x W x H) (inches)81.4" x 57.5" x 81.7"
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Exercise Matrix

Calf Raise

Squat Lunges

Isolateral Bench Press

Close Grip Bench Press

Flat Bench Press

Decline Bench Press

Incline Bench Press

Isolateral Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press


Isolateral Bent Over Row

Bent Over Row

Upright Row

Wide Grip Row

Low Cable Row

Overhand Pulldown

Underhand Pulldown

Close Grip Pulldown

Wide Grip Pulldown

Overhand Triceps Pushdown

Underhand Triceps Pushdown

Single Underhand Triceps Kickbacks

Front Lateral Raise

High Cable Bicep Curl

Low Cable Bicep Curl

High to Low Wood Chops

Low to High Wood Chops

Optional Accessories / Additional Exercises

Pec/Fly Accessory

Leg Press Accessory

Leg Lift Accessory

Dip Machine Accessory

Curl Machine Accessory

Olympic Plates 255 lbs. Set