The Powertec Power Rack, an industry proven design, just got upgraded. For 2018 the power rack (WB-PR18) comes standard with the deluxe multi-grip chin-up bar, a new and improved j-hook design. Commercial grade strength with 1000 lbs. load capacity for your home. With a whole series of attachment made specifically for the power rack, the possibilities are endless.
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Loaded Basic Rack:

The Power Rack comes standard with the new Deluxe Multi-grip bar, 2 dip handles, 2 newly redesigned J-hooks, and the Olympic Bar Safety Catches

Training with Safety:

The included Gravity Lock Safety Catch Bars can provide continuous safety support for up to 1000 lbs.

Expandable with Accessories:

The power rack frame is designed to accept a wide variety of Power Rack specific attachments to expand your training, whether that be for Football, Crossfit, Bodybuilding, Power Lifting or general wellness . You can further customize your Power Rack to include the optional Workbench-Utility Bench and Lat Tower Option which will allow you to expand your home gym and adding a wider variety of exercises. The WB-PR18 is the perfect expandable tool to meet your strength needs.
More Information
Model No WB-PR
Accessorize Yes
Isolateral Function No
Dimension 50.8" x 50.6" x 84" (66" width with dip bars attached)
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Equipment / Exercise Matrix


Horizontal Pull-Ups


Abdominal Hanging Leg Raise

Abdominal Hanging Leg Twist

Oblique Crunch



Push Ups

Optional Accessories / Additional Exercises

Utility Workbench

Flat Bench Press

Inclined Bench Press

Decline Bench Press

Bench Shoulder Press



Lat Tower Option

Cable Bent Over Row

Cable Up-Right Row

Bicep Curls

One Arm Row

Optional 190 lbs. Weight Stack Set

Close Grip Lat Pulldown

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Single Arm Low Cable Rows

Low Cable Straight Bar Curls

Standing Front Lat Pulldown

Triceps Pushdown

Overhead Triceps Extension

Low Cable Triceps Kick

High to Low Wood Chops

Low to High Wood Chops

Overhead Bicep Curl

300 lbs. Olympic Weight Set